Friday, May 14, 2010

Amy Who?

I haven't disappeared. I've been buried in a pile of papers and I've been traveling. Good news, though. My semester is over and I'm home for a few weeks. Time to catch up on everything.

I did some training today. It felt great. After a week off, I didn't know how my body would perform. Test and Go.

KB Press - 12 kg Left, 16 kg Right - 10 minutes
45 reps left - 1170 lbs.
28 reps right - 980 lbs.
215 lbs./minute
-This is the first time in months I've worked with the 16 kg bell. Intensity PR.

Tripod - 90 seconds and 120 seconds. Time PR.
Egg rolls and hand stands

Sumo DL - 40 kg - 30 reps
Swing - 36 kg - 45 reps
-I got interrupted at the 4 minute mark and had to stop. Grrrrrrr!

Oh well. It felt good to be back. I'm excited for the next stage of my movement. Now that I am doing less of other stuff, I can do more of what I want to do and get better at it.

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Anonymous said...

The Grrrr - was her husband. I have the best timing in the world. Sorry you didn't PR.