Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Better Is Better

Press - 12 kg - 12 minutes
Left - 54 reps
Right - 60 reps
-Hmmmm. Pretty much the same number of reps as on Friday. They tested well post set and pre-set. I did have an intensity PR with several sets having more reps. Better is better.

After pressing, I decided to change gears and work on more life movements. I did cartwheels (are those a life movement?), handstands (held them longer than on Friday), side-to-side rolls, and somersaults both front and back (both made me dizzy), bear crawls and regular crawls.

Then I did egg rolls, both ways. Definitely a movement PR - I rolled much faster and more smoothly today than Friday.

Before the egg rolls, I did a tripod for a count of 22. I did another one after the egg rolls and held for a count of 60. The second time was so much easier and more balanced. My wrists were the only reason I quit.

Swings - 36 kg (79 pounds) - 10 minutes
176 reps = 13,904 lbs.
-Volume and intensity PR since Friday.

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