Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two More

PRs today. I had a little time between grading papers to sneak in a little training.

BU Press - 10 minutes
Left - 20 lbs. - 38 reps
Right - 12 kgs - 36 reps
-Density and volume PR since April 27.

Swings - 36 kg - 10 minutes
186 reps
-Density, intensity, and volume PR since May 4.

I probably won't get much training in this coming week since it is finals and I have to travel. Every free moment will be spent grading papers and in meetings. Lucky me. Then, it's summer break and I can focus on the areas I want to improve in my life. The past few months it's felt like my life isn't mine. I've been on the run trying to fix everything and everyone but me. It's time.

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