Monday, May 31, 2010

Huge Gains Today

I had the entire gym to myself today. That was kind of nice. What's even better is that I set several PRs, one of them pretty significant.

One Arm KB Rows - 12 kg - 8 minutes
Left - 74 reps
Right - 74 reps
3848 lbs.
-That is up 9 reps on the left and 6 on the right and nearly 400 lbs. in 8 minutes since Wednesday, May 26.

Sumo DL - 48 kgs - 10 minutes
106 reps = 11,236 lbs.
-Huge PR for me in density, intensity, and volume. One month ago I deadlifted 36 kg 70 times in 10 minutes for 5530 lbs. I doubled my volume for a 10 minute work session in one month's time.

My body loves doing high rep, mid/low weight drills. Those movements test well and I make fast gains training this way. Once I started tuning in to what my body wanted to do, I started making progress. That makes training fun. I'm not struggling trying to do what I think (or someone else thinks) I SHOULD do. No more "shoulds," only "do."

I finished off my trianing with some head stands - was able to hold those today. Then I did some egg rolls, wheels, and lizards. I'm improving every time I practice these various moves. I feel more coordinated too. Love that!

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