Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling Animal

And I want. And I need. And I love. Animal.

Nothing weighted tested well, but the animal moves did. I put together a circuit with 5 of them. I went throught the circuit 5 times. It took roughly 14 minutes.

Crab Walk - 15 m
Inchworm - 15 m
Frog Jump - 15 m
Scorpion - 15 m
Egg Roll - 5 L, 5 R

I had a movement quality PR on every element. It was fun to do these moves and have them feel easier.

After the circuit I did some tripods with a press to a headstand. That is my new life move to work on. I'm also working on handstands and cartwheels. These all allow me to practice falling as well. I didn't realize how useful the skills from animal moves and other life moves are. My body awareness keeps increasing. Loving it.

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