Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Apres La Douleur (After the Pain)

Some of the most memorable moments from the RKC took place at the group dinner Saturday night. What a treat it was to sit with Court Wing, Brad Nelson, and Pavel. The dinner conversation was crazy good. Add in some sit downs by David Whitley and Mark Cheng and BINGO! You've got a perfect evening. Thank you gentlemen! The best story of the night came on the ride back to the hotel when Pavel told about sending away his Navy Seal trainees from his gym with bags of their own puke. He told the story so deadpan, like it's normal to make people throw up.
I love Doc Cheng. He and I became fast friends. How could we not? We both share a love for Crown Royal.

Here's Brad and Pavel. Don't they look like they could be brothers? Seriously!
If you're wondering where my strangest bruise is located, you'll have to read the comments in the post "Can You Say RKC?" below. I reveal the answer there. Enjoy!


Taikei Matsushita said...

Great pictures, and Doc Cheng and I are chasing each other yet to meet.

Mine was last June, and every RKC I hear about makes me envy. Huge turning point isn't it?

Hope my RKC II this year will make everyone else envy.

Congratulations on your big success and thanks for the pictures and the insights.

Amy said...

Thanks for stoping by my blog! Doc Cheng is an amzing man - intelligent, extremely funny, and a joy to be around. I hope you get to meet him soon. I don't believe he'll be at the RKC II, but I think he said he'll be at the CK-FMS training.

Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Thank you both for your kind words and a big hug & hello from Budapest!

I'll definitely be at the CK-FMS, but not at the RKC II this year.

As busy as I thought the schedule for 2008 was (and still is), it looks like there's SO MUCH more going on for 2009 as far as KB-related travel. I hope that some of it is in Japan with Matsushita-san. The Iron Tamer, TKD master, and I were talking about getting together to do an Asian workshop either in Japan or Korea or both and call it the Trifecta (Whitley, Engum, Cheng) Tour - Asia.

Professor, care to do some sightseeing in Asia? :-D

Much love to you both!

Amy said...

My passport is updated and ready to go! Now I just need to find a way to clone myself so that I can be at home, at work, and in Asia! It would be so much fun to assist you guys! My interest is piqued!