Monday, April 7, 2008

Not the M&Ms

I must confess.

I have a jar of M&Ms in my office. They were a gift for my volunteer work. It's volunteer recognition month. The jar, which is shaped like a star, sits next to my bubble gum machine. I sit in my office every day with the bubble gum machine right there, but I have no problem there. I have a piece now and then when I feel the need to chew on something. Better than sabotaging myself, right?

Oh, but those M&Ms. They taunt me. They whisper to me, "Just a few. I'll take away your chocolate craving. Come on. Just a few."

The jar is half empty. I'm grading papers. That's it! I'm putting the jar in my file cabinet. Out of site, out of mind!!!

BTW - Lunch on a "stick" was fantastic:
egg salad

I made a poor choice with the M&Ms. Now I'm moving on!!!!!!!!!!!


leslie said...

Keep jar. Put M&Ms in break room for all to enjoy. Glad you're moving on. And if it helps, I have NEVER been able to resist M&Ms!

Christopher Wells said...

Hi Amy,

I recommend chocolate covered coffee beans.
…over indulge and they exact a price!