Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Think; therefore, I Am

How about a little Descartes for a Wednesday morning?

I think a lot. In fact, I overthink. Previous posts attest to that. Brad tells me this often as well. I know thinking is powerful and our thoughts shape our human experience.

When I do my Z Health drills, I find a positive mantra and happy memories to keep in my thoughts so I don't focus on my pain and fatigue from my pain. Now I need to bring that same work to my day-to-day.

As I move through my days, I will keep the title quote in my thoughts. When I catch negative thoughts, I will adjust. When I catch positive thoughts, I will give myself an internal high five. The only thing I can control is myself - my behaviors, my thoughts, my reactions to experiences and people.

I will find the good and think about it.

Here are two little people who bring a lot of good to my life. 10 year old Conner and 6 year old Lauren.

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