Sunday, April 13, 2008

Looking Back to Leap Forward

I've been full of ponderings today. I've been thinking about all the last year has brought. I know I was supposed to do this on January 1, but I'm not one to follow conventional behavior. So here what has gone through my mind today:

1. A year ago I was struggling. I didn't understand why I had only lost a few pounds since starting my training under Brad. What was going on? I thought if I had the best trainer, I would be fixed. The weight would melt off. WRONG!!

Brad couldn't understand why I wasn't dropping more weight, so he had me keep a food journal around June 1, 2007. When he saw my diet, Brad dropped "Operation Beatdown" on my a$$. I was stunned. I was pissed. How could he tell me that I wasn't eating right? Seriously? You know, cuz what I was doinging was sooooooo great for me. NOT!

I still resisted even after I knew what the problem was. I made some small changes and dropped some weight (5 lbs. or so). It wasn't until this past fall that I REALLY made changes. I gave up my whole grain bread and organic peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. I started eating a ton of veggies. I started drinking green tea after dinner, I quit eating oatmeal as a mid-morning snack, I cut back my alcohol consumption, and on and on. I've dropped another 15 lbs. and I'm almost to my goal weight. My bodyfat is at 25% and I want to get to 22%. That's another 6-8 lbs. I believe.

The greatest benefit from the diet changes is how fantastic I feel. I am rarely depressed, though I still get moody every month!! I sleep better, and I have boundless energy - physical and mental.

2. One year ago today my friend Kate finished her very first Ironman in Arizona. I was fortunate enough to be there as part of her support crew. We drove all over Phoenix to cheer her on during her grueling bike and run. Just like me, Kate has had her struggles over the past year, but she keeps learning and becoming better. She's more confident, driven, focused. Triathlon is her air. I don't know how she finds the time or energy to train, work, and be a mom and wife. All of the demands take their toll, and we don't get to spend as much time together as we used to, but I understand. Kate wouldn't be Kate if she couldn't swim, bike, run. Amy wouldn't be Amy if she couldn't throw around heavy things. We get each other.

3. I lost my first "child" Sophie (my boxer) in December. It's been tough adjusting to life without her. She lived in our home as long as we did. I couldn't imagine getting another dog after Sophie's death. But look. Here I am bonding with another boxer, Penny. Soon she'll be home with us and we'll all fall in love again. I am definitely a dog person and need a dog around.

Okay that's long enough for tonight. I'm looking forward to some sunshine and warmer temps. I'm also looking forward to training tomorrow and to watching the next part of the John Adams series on HBO tonight.

Off to my recliner!

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