Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Few Good Choices

I've been less than pleased with some of my nutritional choices lately. So, I decided today was the day to start making different choices. I can report that I have made a few good choices already that I am pleased about.

1. I chose green tea straight up. No cream or sugar.
2. I chose carrots over a granola bar.
3. I chose to go truly naked with my chinese food today - no sauce, no salt, no nothing. Just plain, steamed veggies and chicken.
4. I chose to leave the rice on my plate. I took one bite and decided I did not have to eat is just because it was there.

So, there are four choices made by noon that I am proud of. To bring accountability to myself, I will post my choices for the next few days. If you see me choosing poorly, call me to task!!!

1 comment:

Christine said...

Awesome! I hear you on the accountability, it's tough being home with kids and all their little treats.... but I'm trying. Sipping green tea as we speak (but I had to put a little milk in it!)