Monday, April 28, 2008

Can You Say RKC?

I met my goal and earned the right to be called RKC. I have the battlescars to prove it! Here's a few pictures for now. I'll write about the experience later when I have more time.
The Gymboss beeped every 15 minutes on Saturday. Beep = 20 swings

Senior RKC David Whitley - aka "Kick Me When I'm Down." He showed me lots of tough love this weekend by kicking me when I got stuck in the middle of a pushup.

Pavel congratulating me after passing. I have a great story to tell about Pavel, which I will do later.

I am able to walk, albeit slowly. Once I get some momentum, I'm good! I can't wait to see where a new bruise will show up. Any guesses on the weirdest body part with a bruise? I'm taking your responses. You won't believe the answer!

More later!


Mominator said...

Wow! What a great achievement for you this past weekend! Sounds like you definitely deserve the aches a pains for a job done well.

Congrats, Aminator!

Amy said...

Thanks for your encouragement! I'll be thinking of Chell, you, Kate, Kell, Jason, Annie, Abbie and the rest of Chell's family tomorrow. Go Team Chelley!

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

Great Job Aminator! I am super proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Amy!! I kept checking the blog all weekend waiting for the update. We are so happy and proud of you.

Way to GO!!!

Bratzy said...

Hey Amy,

I was catching up on your's been all to long!

Congrats, and look like a million bucks!

Way to go!

Iron Tamer said...

so where is the bruise?

Amy said...

Since you asked............

The strangest bruise is from my knuckles punching my inner thigh during double cleans.

I have a fist print in my groin. Nice, huh?

Tracy said...


I was going to guess a bruise on your butt...alot of people let the bell hit their butt at the end of the downstroke...glad i was wrong, lol

Super job! Lucky girl!

Amy said...

I didn't think about the possibility of a butt bruise. Guess what I'm going to do right now! Curiosity killed the cat!