Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Strong, Pain-Free Back

Oh yeah, Baby! My back survived 80 snatches with the 16 kg yesterday. Woo Hoo!!!

For the first time in weeks, I am working at my computer without discomfort. I'm going to keep it that way!

Tonight I have a good training session in store and then I'll rest up for the RKC weekend. I suppose I better pack, but this crazy weather makes that a daunting task. We're having a spring smorgasbord of weather here in NW Iowa. I'm figuring on three layers for three days. Geez, could we just get spring already? 70 degrees, light breeze, a shower once a week. We've had the winter that wouldn't let go and now we get the spring that is shy. I suppose summer will be a brat - hot, dry, and windy.

All right. I'm off to have naked chinese. Love that! Steamed veggies and chicken. That's it. No sauce, no egg roll, no fried rice. Yummmm!!!


Christopher Wells said...

Off for a nice stroll in the park this weekend Amy?

Amy said...

If you say so! The forecast is for cool temps and rain. I don't want to be stuck inside or worse, doing TGUs in the mud!

How's your finger doing? Love the graphic pics on your blog! I just had two fingers in an accident about an hour ago. Serious papercuts - from file folders! I was swearing up a storm. At least I don't need my fingertips to do snatches. HA! I'm so blonde!

Christopher Wells said...

...but mud is an insulator...?

The finger's all healed up; still a bit sensitive with the new skin but nothing gauze tape doesn't fix. The Med people did a nice job putting everything back together. AND, (drum roll) the nail stayed on!!!

I'm tellin' ya'...I'm lucky with these kind of things!