Saturday, April 12, 2008

Good Food, Bad Back

Two weeks to the RKC and my back decides to take a tweak. WTH? That's why I haven't been posting about my training this week. I have been doing some light bodyweight training to give my back some time to heal.

I didn't really do anything to my back. It just started feeling very tight and nothing would alleviate it. I did go see my friend Krista the chiropractor twice this week. That has helped a lot. I've also been a Z fanatic trying to keep everything flowing. I'm confident that by Monday, I'll be ready to train with my KBs. I miss them!

To compensate for my reduced training, I've tried very hard to up my veggie intake this week. Since I can't burn off any junk, I've been trying to only put the good stuff in. I have had my slip ups - the beer with organic veggie juice, the slice of coconut cake that my mother so lovingly baked and shared with us (she really is trying to sabotage me!), the slice of pizza - uhgggg!!!

These choices will NOT break my spirit. I eat 1000 times better than I did one short year ago. I feel great and am stronger and healthier.

I will focus on the positives.
I will make good choices today.
I will enjoy today.

I'm off to see my puppy Penny. She's five weeks old and ready for a visit. I'll be posting some pictures!

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