Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday's Training

I learned a lesson today:

Make sure your body has enough fuel for the training.

I reduced the amount I ate for lunch and I did not eat anything in the afternoon. As a result, I ran out of gas after four rounds of the following:

Windmills - 5 L, R w/12 kg
Overhead Walking Lunges - 8 L, R w/ 12 kg
Renegade Rows - 6 L, R w/ 12 kg
Step-Ups - 12 L, R w/ 12 kg
One-Handed Swings - 15 L, R w/ 16 kg
Planks - 30 seconds

No rest between drills; 1 minute between rounds.

I was supposed to do 5 rounds. Didn't happen. I chose to stop to prevent injury. Besides, I was a noodle. That only happens when I'm sick or don't have enough fuel. Shoot a pickle!!

I have to say, I am not upset about my choice. I listened to my body and didn't overthink. When I got home, I made some fantastic food choices - carrots, snap peas, buffalo steak, and a slice of organic cheddar cheese. After dinner, a cup of tea with just a shot of cream. I can also report I have chosen not to eat anything else tonight. When I'm finished blogging, I will go right to bed. (Right after I have 16 oz of water.)

Tomorrow is another opportunity for me to choose well.

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