Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where Have I Been?

I swear I've been online; I just haven't had anything exciting to blog about. I still don't, but I felt the need to at least check in.

I've been fighting my tweaked back all week. I think the weather settled into my bunion and my back. The bunion is back to normal (or as normal as a bunion can be), and the back is on the mend. I've resisted blogging about the back because I didn't want to obsess about it. I tend to do that, ya know!

So here's my confession: I am anxious that my back will keep me from enjoying my RKC weekend. I know the weekend will be intense. I don't want to be in pain the entire time. I don't want that clouding my thoughts. So there is my fear.

It is taking all of my strength to NOT have a meltdown. To get my mind off of all this, I threw myself into cleaning out more stuff from the basement. I also spent a lot of time gathering my food for the week. (Ooo that sounds rustic doesn't it! "Gathering" for me means going to the Natural Food market, the Hutterite meat market, and the local grocery store.) I also got some of the supplies we'll need for Penny (the boxer pup).

Tomorrow I'm back at work and hopefully back to some light training. I've been looking forward to this week (the RKC) for 6 months. I'm not going to let some stupid pain in the back ruin it for me. I refuse.

If you could just send me positive energy, I'd be most appreciative. Strong, pain-free back. Strong, pain-free back.


Anonymous said...


We are going to have a crazy fun time at RKC. Don't worry and stress about your back - I am sure you will be fine and enjoy every second of it!


Amy said...

Thanks for your confidence boost! Can't wait to meet you. Are you going to the Meet & Greet on Thursday?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! Yes, I am pretty sure I will be at the meet and greet. Are you staying at the hotel?