Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Death by Iron

Here's a couple photos of me during the graduate workout. Wowsie! That was a long field! Jerry said it took nearly 20 minutes for everyone to finish. That was definitely a workout. It is a pretty awesome feeling knowing I completed it. I feel that this weekend was just the beginning for me on my KB journey.
If only I had lost 30 more pounds I could have used smaller bells!
(Can you imagine me 5'11" and 123 pounds. Eeeeek!!!)

Hey Dustin! Give me a hand here.


Dustin Rippetoe said...

Anytime! But it doesn't look like you need it!

Christine said...

Congratulations!!!!!! I want to hear every detail - seriously, send me an email if you don't want to post it all! This is my long term goal, and I've always been curious exactly what these weekends entail. What a freakin' accomplishment, you must feel so damn proud - and you should! I can't say I'm not a little envious!

Yaay for you!

Howie Brewer said...

Congratulations Amy!! Awesome accomplishment! I'm looking forward to attending the August Cert myself. I can feel your energy!!

Tracy said...

Double see saw presses....I don't do those....or I haven't done them yet. How were they? And while walking no less, lol!

Amy said...

It was pretty brutal, but doable. Women over 123 pounds had to use the 12 kg bells. I gotta say, though, Brad Nelson had me in great shape, so I was able to handle the workload. I'm hoping to write about the RKC weekend today or tomorrow.

How's your weekend without your hubby?