Friday, July 31, 2009

End of a Great Week

The last training session of the week went well. I'm definitely seeing progress in my feet, hips, and neck knot. Here's what I did:

Open Palm TGUs - 12 kg - 5 x 3 L, R
-These are still delightfully challenging. Keeping my wrist bent back and balancing the kb works the brain. I also concentrated on my toe placement during the stand and descent. That is part of my rehab to gain strength by ensuring all of my leg/hip muscles are firing.

Double Jerks - 12 kg (one in each hand) - 5 rounds of 5 x 4
-The HR monitor came in handy here again. I would do my 4 reps; do a Z drill; do another 4 when my HR dropped to 120. That did not take long since my HR never went above 138.
-Between rounds I did more Z drills and let my HR drop to 100. Then I went back at it.
-I definitely did the jerk training in less time because I didn't let myself rest too long.
-I paid very close attention to my hip fire, toes, and drifting. On Monday, I found myself drifting right. Today, I only drifted backwards a bit.

I'm pretty sore from my pullup negatives on Wednesday. I hadn't done those in awhile. It's nice to feel that soreness cuz then I know I'm working what I'm supposed to be. I did burn more calories than I did Wednesday - 250.

I've been walking a few miles in my Vibram five fingers nearly every day. My feet feel so much better than they did a few short months ago. I ordered a pair of Terra Plana shoes for work. They are more dressy than the five fingers; in fact they look like regular flat dress shoes, but they are supposed to be more like barefoot than other dress shoes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I like them otherwise I'll be wearing my five fingers to work. That'll freak out my students for sure!

I get to golf in a tournament this afternoon and then it's off to the lake for a long weekend. Make it a good one!!

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