Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And the New Training I Tried Was........

Did you guess it?

If not, here's some hints.

It's black and yellow.

It's adjustable.

It doesn't have any weights.

Yes. It's a TRX suspension trainer.

The gym where I train got one last week and got it mounted on Monday. So naturally I had to try it on Tuesday when I had some time to mess around with it. Here's what I did for my workout.

2 Drill Circuit - 10 minutes
1. Pushup - 101 reps
2. Hamstring Curl - 70 reps
That was fun. I went for max speed on my reps and stopped a set when my speed slowed.

One Leg Squat - 10 min. - 180 reps
Those felt incredible and tested well throughout the entire 10 minutes.

I'm pretty excited to have access to another tool for training. It will challenge my brain and my body - a great combination for me.

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