Monday, December 6, 2010

Pull Me Through

Training today, however quick, pulled me through the day. It also helped pull me through this sinus/chest congestion gunk I can't seem to shake. I just read that Iowa has been hit with three different flu strains. Great. Don't you just love winter?!?

Pulls tested well today - deadlift and pull downs. I haven't done pull downs for years, literally. I figured they would allow me more speed than band-assisted pullups, and I was right.

Sumo DL - 48 kg
100 reps in 8:27
10,600 lbs. total - 1247 lbs./min.

Lat Pull Downs - 105 lbs.
45 reps in 7:00
4725 lbs. total - 675 lbs./min.

Now I have a baseline for both drills with my speed work. As long as fast tests well, I will move fast. Doing so makes it easy to detect the first element of effort (slowing down). Duh! I'm also experimenting to see what it does for my body composition and strength. There are many theories, but I'm only interested in how my body responds. I'll keep you posted.

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