Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Training Log

Much better training session today. I actually worked up a sweat.

Plate Press - 25 lbs. - 4.5 minutes
Left - 25 reps, Right - 30 reps
-I stopped after 4.5 minutes because I felt excessive tension in my back that wouldn't go away even after trying several different positions.

Then I did a bunch of rolls - side-to-side, log rolls, egg rolls. They eased the tension in my back.

1 Hand KB Swing - 28 kg (62 lbs.) - 15 min.
Left - 210 reps, Right - 210 reps = 420 reps
26,040 lbs. = 1736 lbs./min. = 28 reps/min.
-These got me sweating. I did 10 reps per hand and switched. I did 40 reps total before setting the bell down to rest. I found that a wider stance alleviated the back tweak that started after about the 100th rep.

After that, I put in the TRX video and did the workout that comes with it. I suppose that lasted 15 minutes. I didn't time it. It was fun and I was able to adjust the resistance so that I didn't burn myself out. I was in a fantastic mood after I finished, so that tells me it was good for my state to move in those ways.

I just keep experimenting, and as a result, I just keep learning. I love that I can get rid of my own pain so easily. I wish everyone could do that. *Sigh*

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