Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two Sleeps

My friend Sue reminded me today that my semester will be over in two sleeps. I was whining about all the grading I had to do by Friday. Two sleeps. That made me feel better. I now feel like I'll make it through. I'll survive the research essays, the literature essay exams, the advanced comp essays, and the grammar finals. Two sleeps and they'll be a memory. Thank you for the perspective, Sue!

I'm going to miss that. Sue is retiring from teaching at my college. Friday is her last day. I can't believe it! She's been my mentor and go-to gal. She's been like a second mom and a best friend. I know she's still going to be around at work, but it just won't feel the same. She's been there since I started. She has taught me so much. Sue has moxy and I like that! Every young woman should have a mentor with brains, heart, and guts like Sue.

After leaving work, I went to the gym ready to move. I tested a bunch of drills and came up with a great circuit workout.

TRX Circuit - 7 Rounds - 29 minutes

1 Arm Rows - 66 L, 66 R
Hamstring Curls - 80 reps
Pushups - 62 reps
1 Leg Squat - 68 L, 68 R

It's hard to say, but I'd guesstimate that I moved at least 30,000 lbs. today.

I'm really loving the TRX for several reasons. First, it allows me to work in a greater range of motion. I can also tailor my movements for what tests best - anatomy-based movement. As a result, I'm not sore. The other thing I like about it is the adaptability. I can adjust my position to increase or decrease the resistance, and I can do it with every set, even rep. That allows me to move a lot without displaying an element of effort as quickly as I would with a static amount of weight.

I think I also like that using the TRX is a challenge, something different. My brain LOVES different, in every aspect of my life. That's a whole other blogpost. Well, maybe a memoir!

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Anonymous said...

Amy, Thank you! You made me weepy! Sue