Friday, December 3, 2010

Pick up the Pace

I've been conscientiously working on the speed of my movements. Specifically, I've been moving weight as quickly as I can. I'm curious how my body will respond. I can say that even though I moved relatively light weights today, I had a great training session.

1 Arm KB Rows - 12 kg - 8 min.
Left - 79 reps, Right - 75 reps
154 reps = 4004 lbs. - 500.5 lbs./min.

Dbl KB Clean - 24 kg - 8 min.
121 reps = 6413 lbs. - 801.63 lbs./min.

16 minutes of fast work. My heart was pumping! I never forced reps. I stopped a set the second I slowed down. As a result, I didn't need to rest much between sets.

It's strange that this week I am back to doing single drills instead of circuits. That's what tests best and suits my brain. I don't fight it.

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