Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Can't Take the Pressure!

The barometric pressure, that is. My head feels ready to explode. Okay weather. Just snow already and be done with it.

I got in 17 minutes of training before the headache kicked in. That's a win.

I got three PRs with two drills. That's a double win.

Plate Press - 25 lbs. - 10 minutes
Left - 46 reps, Right - 56 reps
2550 lbs. = 255 lbs./min.
11% increase in Density and Volume

Sumo DL - 52 kg - 7 minutes
70 reps = 8050 lbs. =1150 lbs./min.
8.5% increase in Intensity

I'll take it even if I can't take the pressure. :)

For the curious - I tested various positions with the press. Plate press with a split stance and torso rotation during each rep tested best.

For the Sumo DL, I used a 24 kg and 28 kg kettlebell and switched hands each set. It definitely felt better to hold the heavier bell in my left hand. Silly me. I thought I had to switch so that I would be balanced. Have I learned nothing? Blonde moment! (Sorry Mike T, Adam, and Frankie!)

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