Monday, December 20, 2010

Playing Around

Since I'm on Christmas break, I had extra time for my training today. I tested so many variations of drills, more than I usually have time to test. As a result, I found the perfect positions for each of the three drills I did today.

I also tried out some positions that are not the norm. For example, I tried sumo DL with my torso rotated. It felt awesome. I just did very light weight (20 kg), and it released a lot of tension in my back.

I found for my inverted TRX rows that my right hand tested best supinated and my left tested best prone. My KB swings tested best with a thumbless grip and wide stance. So much fun to play around with the possibilities.

TRX Inverted Rows - 1 arm - 5 minutes
Left - 40 reps, Right - 40 reps
Intensity PR - my feet were positioned closer to the point of attachment.
Density PR - more reps in the same amount of time, plus I did one-arm instead of two arms.

2 Drill Circuit - 15 minutes
1. TRX Pushups - 100 reps
Intensity PR - feet were closer to the point of attachment

2. Dbl KB Swings - 40 kg - 200 reps

I guesstimate that I moved over 28,000 lbs. during my 15 minute circuit. Add another 4000 lbs. from my rows and that's 32,000 lbs. in 20 minutes of work. Not bad for just playing around!

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