Monday, February 18, 2008

Training Log - Mon. Feb. 18 & The Force

First of all, my training:

36 lb. kettlebell - 8 l, 8 r at the top of the minute for six minutes = 96 snatches in six minutes for anyone keeping track

After 16 snatches, I had about 15 seconds of rest before that bleepin' Gymboss timer was going off.

TGUs - 3 x 4 l,r w/ 26 lb. KB
Squats - 3 x 4 l, r w/ 36 lb. KB
Clean & Press - 3 x 7 l, r w/ 26 lb. KB

I did this as a circuit, three times through.

TGUs - I did 2 full get-ups and 2 from the lunge up and down. That felt better on my neck/shoulder, but still worked my legs.
Squats - Ass to grass! It felt great to use the bigger bell.
Clean & Press - On the left I couldn't eek out that last rep. On the right, no problem.

Neck/Shoulder Musings:
Brad sells the best Z Health kool aid! I love it!

Seriously, if you look at my quote of the week, that shows you what Brad does for me. He tells me to "use the force" - aka my inner spirit to find healing and strength. And gosh, darn it, if he isn't right. I'm going to change my name for Brad. I used to call him Evil, Evil Kettlebell Man. Now I will call him Yoda. Let me splain.........

I've had this nagging neck/shoulder issue for weeks. It has been bad. It was consuming all of my thoughts. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it. Why won't it go away? What if I can't train? What if it prevents me from becoming an RKC. On and on and on in my brain like this. Brad tells me I need to re-associate the pain in my neck. He directs me to think about people and events that make me happy while I'm doing my Z. Okay, Yoda, whatever you say. Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, Monday morning, Monday afternoon - I do what Yoda says. And yeah, he's right. The pain is subsiding.

Our thoughts truly do define what we are. I think pain/negative - I get pain. I think happy/positive - I get happy/positive. I'm branching out!!!

Thanks, Yoda, for showing me where to find my force.


Franklin said...

My left shoulder had been bothering me for 30 years from an old wrestling injury (slight separation; never had surgery). Over the years I would invariably start to lift weights and have to give it up after tweaking it again after a week or so. Then I got extremely lucky when I started with KB training with an amazing instructor, Andy Bender, RKC, who, as I didn't have a clue at the time, was Z-aware. When he saw I couldn't do a single military press with the 35lb KB with left but multiple reps with the 53 with my right, he prescribed doing the outstretched arm circles in various positions.

At first I thought he was a little touched but I was so desperate I did them through out the day for a week. At the end of week the pain was down 75% , two months later I was painless and did a single rep with the 53 on my left.

Amy said...

It's been amazing how just adjusting what I think about while doing my Z has made a huge difference. I don't know the physiology of it all, but I know it is amazing.

Thanks for your comment. It gives me hope that I can be pain-free and it confirms that I am extremely fortunate to have a great trainer!