Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost There

I'm getting closer to 200 16 kg (35 lbs.) snatches in 10 minutes, aka the SSST.

Today I did 160 in 10 minutes. I went 8 left, 8 right on the top of the minute for 10 minutes. Then I went 6 left, 6 right each minute for 5 minutes. Holy death snatch, batman! Seriously. When I hit 200 I will be throwing a party to celebrate. Stay tuned!

My heart rate was 152 immediately following that 15 minutes. I was at 124 at 1 minute; 112 at 2 minutes; 100 at 3 minutes.

I "warmed up" with 20 kg TGUs:
Arm Bar to a TGU - 2 x 3 L, R then 2 x 2 L, R

That 3rd rep was a killer! I focused on each movement in the TGU and tried to perform each part perfectly. I also paid close attention to my neck to make sure I wasn't straining or shrugging my shoulders. I'm really digging the TGU. I love how it carries over into every other drill. A good TGU makes every other movement better.

Get out there and do 5 minutes of heavy TGUs. Your body will thank you for it!

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