Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring "not such a" Break

It's not spring break. It's kettlebell break!

I'm actually on spring break from the college, and while hundreds of thousands of college students take over beaches of warm shores, I am stuck in the frozen tundra of hell, I mean Iowa. However, I have been having my own special brand of fun: a kettlebell bonanza! In fact, I have been doing so many things kettlebell that I haven't made any progress on grading the mountain of papers looming in front of me.

On Thursday I trained a 10 year old football player/wrestler.

On Friday, I got to see Corey Howard's Results Personal Training facility in Sioux Falls. He had a sloshpipe that he let me try out. That was so cool and fun and tough! (Corey trains Miss South Dakota and he will be taking the RKC soon. He has a blog if you want to check it out - http://www.coreyhoward.com/.)

Monday I taught a high school PE class; Tuesday (today) I taught another high school PE class. All of these high schoolers are newbies, but they all caught on fast. I even took them through a swing workout with Mr. Gymboss. They enjoyed the pain!

Then, this afternoon I trained a high school football player, Bret. He is a junior and wants to go into his senior year strong and fast. I think he was blown away by the intensity of kbs as well as the way it works your entire body. Bret's strength coach Kory is a friend of mine and he even worked along with Bret. Actually, Kory is the one that encouraged Bret to give kbs a try.

I have been having a blast on my kettlebell break. I wish my break could last forever so that I could just continue to teach kbs. It would be awesome to not have to grade papers for awhile. A sabbatical from my English position. That's what I need! Too bad kettlebell research doesn't count toward English scholarship. Shoot a pickle!

Oh well. I'll just keep RKCing on the side. It is a fun change of pace and keeps me fresh with my teaching and diagnostic skills. Teaching English pays the bills; training with and teaching kbs keeps me sane!

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