Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday's Training

Today was another hardcore TGU and snatch session. Tough, but worth every grueling minute. I'm getting closer to every goal.

Turkish Get-Ups (TGU) - 20 kg (44 lbs.)
2 x 2 L, R
5 x 1 L, R
-I focused on making each part of every TGU precise. I wanted every move of my body to be perfect.
-I can tell it's been a few weeks since I did TGUs. My wrists were pretty aggravated.
PRE - 7

Snatches - 16 kg (35 lbs.)
8 L, R at the top of the minute for 8 minutes
6 L, R at the top of the minute for 5 minutes
-That equals 188 snatches in 13 minutes. I should have just gone one more minute and I would have had 200 snatches in 14 minutes.
-I have a feeling I will be doing 200 in 10 minutes in the not to distant future.
PRE - 8

Here's a few heart rate stats from my snatch session:
Resting HR - 53 bpm
At end of snatch session - 152
After 1 min. rest - 116
After 2 min. rest - 104

I'll check that each week to see how my conditioning is coming along. I actually have no idea if any those numbers are good. I'm using them as a baseline to chart my progress to 200 in 10 min.

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