Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Fun

Mondays are my heavy push/press days. It usually takes me 50 minutes or so to do this training. Today it took over an hour. Brad added extra reps to most of my sets. It is surprising how much that affects the workload, especially when doing heavy work. My neck and traps are screaming at me tonight.

Heavy Bent Press
24kg / 6x1 L, R - Awesome work on these. Fun, fun, fun.
20kg / 2x3 L, R - These felt tougher than the 24 kg because of the third rep. That was kind of the theme of the day.

Long Push Press - 20kg - 5x5 L, R
-I did one set of 5 L, R and then cut back to 5 reps. That 5th rep was too much on my neck/trap. I need to do a long Z Health session before bed tonight.

Pull-ups - Purple band - 2x2 and 4x1
-These went well. I did each rep slow and made sure I kept my body stretched out and started from a dead hang.

Suitcase Deadlifts - 95 lbs. - 5x3 L, R
-My grip felt more secure today. I have to say, however, that the third rep made the session a lot more challenging. I ended up only doing 4 sets of 3. I was done.

I'm pleased with my work today. I can definitely tell I'm stronger than I was a month ago. I'm thinking that I will take a back off week next week. I've been going hard for 5 weeks. I need to let my body recoup. I will keep my focus and intensity throughout this week. I plan to finish strong again.


Mark Wilson said...

WOW, that some volume, good work. I've noticed Brad likes to pile it on when he's helped me with program design in the past.

Amy Jurrens, RKC said...

Thanks, Mark. Yeah, Brad knows how to push me. That's why I keep coming back for more. :)