Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Again?

How does it get to be Friday so quickly in the summer. During the school year, Friday never comes. Grrrrr!

I got up and trained before breakfast, something I rarely do.

False Grip Rows - 5 x 4
-I got up into my contortions to be able to pull these off on my homemade rings (pun intended!). I wish, wish, wish the gym where I trained had a pull-up bar and rings. The gym has one of those counterweight machine thingies for pull-ups, a smith rack, a set of bicep pull-up handles, and the wide, angled bars. No straight pull-up bar. I try to rig up a regular bar across one of the stationary racks, but it is so wobbly. I'm at a loss. When my house is back together from the remodeling I am soooooo having the hubs build me a pull-up bar, and I'm getting a set of rings. So there!
-I have a question about the rows - I can't fully extend my arms on the descent. Is that okay? I feel as if these rows work my biceps a lot. I want to work my lats. Any suggestions?

Swings - 28 kg (62 lb) - 10, 15, 20, 25 reps - 3 times through
-I set the Gymboss for one-minute intervals. I do 10 the first min, 15 the 2nd, etc. for 12 min.
-This is the first time I worked with the 28 kg. Not bad, not bad at all. Actually, I'm really diggin swings lately since snatches bother my hot spot in my neck/delt. Plus, the heavy swings help build my grip strength. Bonus!

Off to pack for the lake this weekend. It's Aquapalooza and the Antique and Wooden Boat show. Here's to hoping some hot weather moves in!!

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