Monday, March 15, 2010

1659 lbs. per Minute

Double swings really up the pounds moved during a training session. Plus, I've PRed everytime I've done double swings. I keep getting better.

I started today with pushups. This is the first time they've tested well, so I went with it.

Pushups - 10 minutes - 79 reps
-If I pushed 100 lbs. per rep, that's 7900 lbs. in 10 minutes. I did sets of 5 and 6 reps.

Double Swings - two 16 kgs - 10 minutes
237 reps = 16,590 lbs.
-The last time I did double swings, I moved 15,840 in 10 minutes using two 20 kg bells. The last time I did doubles with the 16 kg bells, I did 225 reps in 10 minutes (15,750 lbs.).

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