Monday, March 1, 2010

Training Log - 1 March 2010

Pullup, snatch, squat tested poorly. Press, deadlift, and swing tested bestest.

Single Press - 12 kg - 10 minutes
94 reps = 2444 lbs.
-Today I definitely had a PR for movement. My pressing was more explosive. Each rep looked light, and I kept my neck neutral and relaxed. I am getting there one session at a time.

Deadlift - 155 lbs. - DO grip
12 reps in 6 minutes
Deadlift - 135 lbs. - DO grip
9 reps in 2 minutes
3075 lbs.
-I could really feel my hips during the DL tonight. It's been two weeks since I've done regular DL.

Swings - two 16 kg bells - 10 minutes
220 reps = 15,400 lbs.
I did mostly all sets of 20 and gripped the bells palms facing each other. Normally I would have done more reps so that I would be toasted. With biofeedback, I couldn't start another set until my body was ready. As a result, this felt pretty easy to do. Plus, this is an intensity and volume PR.

I finished off my training with some pinch block lever curls on my Red Rafter hand-made by Ryan Pitts at I used a 5 lb. plate. Good times.

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