Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who'd a Thunk It?

I was not a spunky ball of fire this morning. I spent most of the morning lounging. You could say I set a PR in lounging. ;)

When I went to the gym, I did not have high expectations for a stellar training session. I didn't overthink, though. I just tested and did what tested well - Jerks, Cleans, and Swings. Ballistics it was! Boy did I surprise myself.

Jerks - Dbl 12 kgs = 53 lbs.
65 reps in 10 minutes = 3445 lbs.
-I haven't done these for awhile. I did mostly sets of 8 reps. My neck was so flippin relaxed. Definitely making more progress with my movement.

Cleans - Dbl 20 kgs = 88 lbs.
55 reps in 10 minutes = 4840 lbs.
-The last time I did double cleans, I used 16 kgs. I didn't time myself that last time. I do know that this is an intensity PR for me. It's also a movement PR. Each rep got better/easier. I started off doing sets of four and by the end, I was doing sets of six and seven.

Swings - Dbl 20 kgs = 88 lbs.
180 reps in 10 minutes = 15,840 lbs.
-That's a volume PR since Wednesday. It's also an intensity PR since I used 16 kg bell on Wednesday.

Who'd a thunk I'd end up moving 24,125 lbs. in 30 minutes of work time when I was draggin butt?!!? My head might have been tired, but my body was ready to go. Glad I listened to the right one.

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