Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Little More Progress

I felt rested and ready to train today. I determined my baseline ROM with an arm raise. I started testing different drills. Press - bad. Jerks - bad. Snatch - very bad. Squat - very bad. Regular DL - same. Bent Press - grrrreaaaat. Swing - good. Sumo DL - grood. ("grood" = between good and great)

Okay, I haven't done bent press in months, but I'll go with it.

Bent Press - 24 kg (53 lbs.)
10 reps each arm = 1060 lbs.
-This took me 14 minutes. I did a single on each side then tested. I did one each side when my ROM returned. I stopped when I felt my lock out was weak. This was the first time I've done bent presses with a totally relaxed neck. I'm really making progress on my movements.

Sumo DL - 24 kg and 28 kg = 115 lbs. - 10 minutes
80 reps = 9200 lbs.
-I only have one 28 kg bell, so I did uneven weights. I'd switch them around after each set. This was a new challenge, but one I liked. The double 24 kg bells were getting too easy.

Double Swings - 16 kgs = 70 lbs. - 10 minutes
225 reps = 15,750 lbs.
-This is five reps more than on Monday. I also did five sets of 25 and five sets of 20. On Monday, I did 11 sets of 20. Improvement.