Friday, March 12, 2010

I Will Take That PR after the Week I've Had

I was traveling for two days, but now I'm back. I went into my training session with an open mind. I've had a lot of stress the past few days, but I needed to get my body moving. I tested many drills, most of which tested well. Only squats and jerks tested poorly. That gave me a boost. Presses tested the best, so I started with those.

Military Press - 12 kg - 12 minutes
118 reps = 3068 lbs.
-PR from Monday. I did almost all sets of six.

Next, I moved to deadlift. I opted for a barbell instead of kbs.

DO Deadlift - 135 lbs.
23 reps = 3105 lbs in 8 minutes
-After 8 minutes, I could read the signs that my body was done. My ROM wasn't coming back. Normally, I would have kept going until I did the number of prescribed reps. Today, I listened and quit. I'm proud of myself.

Perhaps I should have done very light loads on all the drills that tested well. The reality of more stress on my body kicked in and shut me down. Sleep is testing really well right now. ;)

If I know my body, I know that it will be rested and ready to go again tomorrow. I will live to PR another day.

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