Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm in Shock

Sumo DL tested through the roof today, so I knew it was time to move more weight per rep. I've maxed out my KBs, so I decided to try a barbell again. It's been exactly one month since the last time I performed Sumo DL with a BB.

DO Sumo DL - 135 lbs. - 8 minutes
59 reps = 7965 lbs.
-I did mostly sets of 8, a few of 10, and one set of 7 reps. On Feb. 22, I did sets of 4 and 5 and moved 5270 lbs. in 12 minutes.
-That means today I moved 996 lbs./min. One month ago, I moved 440 lbs./min.

I'm in shock.

Swings - Dbl 20 kgs (88 lbs.) - 10 minutes
195 reps = 17,160 lbs.
-That's an increase of 15 reps and 1320 lbs. from the last time I did double 20 kg swings on March 6.

In 18 minutes of work time today, I moved 25,125 lbs. That's a PR as well.

I am the movement!

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