Monday, March 8, 2010

No Pressing Issues

Nothing was testing well today except presses. My body sent me a very clear message: "Press the 12 kg bell today!!" Okay, okay. I will. And, I'll PR in the process. Sheesh!

Military Press - 12 kg - 12 minutes
113 reps = 2938 lbs.
-I worked longer (12 minutes vs. 10 minutes last time). I also did more reps before needing to stop. Last time I did mostly sets of 5 and 6. This time I did mostly sets of 6 and 7 with only three sets of 5. My movement is getting more fluid and it looks/feels easier.

After pressing, I did some more testing of animal moves since "regular" lifts were not doing it for me. Lizards, Inchworms, Crab Walks, and Frog Jumps it was.

I did each drill 15 meters. I did 5 rounds in 10:40.

What surprised me was the quality of the movement, especially the lizards. I had the roughest time time with lizards the first time I tried them. My brain was just blocked from my body. Today, they tested well and I could even get a little speed. I will become coordinated yet!

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