Monday, June 21, 2010

Crazy 8s Again

Today I did three drills for 8 minutes each. It was crazy good.

Kneeling KB Press - 12 kg - 8 minutes
Left - 29 reps
Right - 32 reps
-This set a baseline. I was surprised how much more difficult it is to press while kneeling. Presses tested well so I decided to work on variations. This variation tested best. I think these will build my pressing strength quickly.

1 Arm 1 Leg DL - 20 kg KB - 8 minutes
Left - 48 reps
Right - 48 reps
-This is a big density PR for me since I made it more than 3 minutes without my hips cramping up. I tested four different size KBs and the 20 kg tested best. I was so excited to make it through the 8 minutes.

1 Arm KB Rows - 16 kg - 8 minutes
Left - 69 reps
Right - 69 reps
-I was pretty much rowing nonstop. My rest time was shorter between work sets as well. Density PR.

Headstands - tucked legs - 30 seconds x 5
Plank - 1 minute
Wheels - I had the best extension on these ever. Very pleased.

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