Monday, June 28, 2010

Full Body Fantastic

In 25 minutes of work time, I hit my full body and am feeling fantastic.

I did two circuits today.

Circuit 1 - 15 minutes
BB Sumo DL - 115 lbs. - 56 reps
Waiter Plate Press - 25 lbs. - 60 reps
-Using the barbell was an adjustment as I've been using two kettlebells for the past few months. Once I found a good hand position (close, overhand grip), I was good to go.
Intensity PR (Sumo DL)

Circuit 2 - 10 minutes
Double KB Swing - 16 kgs - 110 reps
Double KB Clean - 16 kgs - 63 reps
-Cleans and swings both tested really well, so I put them together in a circuit. I really felt the difference between the two moves when I did them with the same amount of weight (70 lbs). It's interesting how you need to transfer the force upward more with cleans. Until I did them back to back with heavier bells, I didn't feel it.

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