Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That's Right

Two drills, two PRs in density.

Kneeling KB Press - 12 kg - 8 minutes
Left - 39 reps
Right - 44 reps
-That's up from Monday - 29 left, 32 right. Density PR

Sumo DL - 48 kg - 10 minutes
150 reps = 15,900 lbs.
-That's up from June 7 - 130 reps. Density PR

I don't know how all this progress can keep happening. I thought I would stall out, but that hasn't happened. I keep testing and doing. As a result, I keep improving. What more can I ask for? Isn't that why we all train in the first place? No one trains to get worse.



frank berean said...

amy are you doiung circuits with some of your training? I just did some last night and i was pretty shocked that i could from one exercise, check rom then go right to next exercise and rom gets better. Have you noticed this? One of the guys i train did this and he was getting back to the exercise quicker then if he did it by itself.

Amy Jurrens said...

I do like to do circuits with two drills because of the very thing you describe. This is especially true if I mix DL w/ presses because it's lower/upper body.

The only drawback is that it doesn't happen very often that the same two drills test well for a circuit. Then I can't measure for a PR. That's not so serious, though, because I always get better. :)

frank berean said...

Amy last night was the first time I did this. I did one arm rows followed by neck extension with my neck harness. My friend did pull ups with reverse wrist curls with red rafter. This guy Evert set was increasing a lot, and he never increases like this. Myself I got back to rows faster then ever. Maybe try it with a small movement instead of such a large one. I will do this again tonight. I will let u know how it goes.