Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday PRs

I started my training session today with several bridges. I am able to straighten my arms now.
Movement PR.

Then I tested several drills and the following two tested best.

Kneeling KB Press - 12 kg - 10 minutes
Left - 50 reps
Right - 60 reps
Total - 110 = 2860 lbs. = 286 lbs./minute
Volume and Density PR

Dbl KB Clean - 16 kgs - 10 minutes
124 reps = 8680 lbs.
Density PR

I also held a headstand for over a minute tonight. Easy. I could have held longer. I felt so centered.
Time and Movement PR

The best part of today was having two new folks try out my bootcamp tonight. Then I got to ride my Harley with a couple happy campers afterwards. I'm in a good state.

Speaking of states, click on Walk the Road Less Traveled and read what Adam Glass has to say about psychological state and its effect on his life. Great food for thought.

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