Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello Monday

Started my week in style with a big PR -

Sumo DL - 48 kg - 10 minutes
130 reps = 13,780 lbs.
-That's 24 more reps and 2544 lbs. more than on May 31. Density PR

Rows tested well AGAIN -
One Arm KB Rows - 16 kg - 8 minutes
Left = 55 reps
Right = 55 reps
3850 lbs. total
-That's an intensity PR since I moved up to the 16 kg bell.

Plate presses tested well also, but after 2 minutes, the tension in my neck was too severe to continue.  Oh well.

I will be posting the training of several of my biofeedback clients on my blog starting this week.  I hope you enjoy following their progress along with mine.  Feel free to chime in with comments on what you're reading.

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